Infrastructure Infrastructure
Pitch provides native yield on the governance embedded within digital tokens, encouraging price-discovery and market efficiency within the voting ecosystems of many crypto protocols.
Basic Canvas Basic Canvas
Vote Marketplace
Pitch is one of the leading governance marketplaces in decentralized finance, processing millions of dollars of vote-incentives for token holders. Its vote lending service will provide price discovery mechanisms around the precise value of governance rights within crypto assets.

Delegated Governance
Any token XYZ can be wrapped into pitchXYZ, a novel primitive that enables programmatic governance. pitchXYZ can be used in arbitrary voting structures, be it representative democracies, lobbied plutocracies, or novel forms of human coordination. The voting power of pitchXYZ facilitates organic yield for its holders.
Market Maker
Pitch market-makes its pitchXYZ assets in the open market to ensure their deep liquidity and efficient pricing, and the protocol is actively building partnerships across web3 that provide additional financial services on top of the underlying token.

Frax Integration Frax Integration
Pitch actively supports the Frax ecosystem with pitchFXS, a synthetic form of FXS that provides native yield while retaining its governance power. Stake your FXS with Pitch to begin earning yield in our auto-compounding vote marketplace.
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